Surrey Women’s Cross Country League 13th January at Wimbledon Common

Last Saturday’s cross country took place on Wimbledon Common on a very muddy and particularly tough course. All the girls struggled through the thick mud and puddles and at least two of the Walton athletes fell over!

The Walton under 13 juniors turned in another good set of perfomances on their 3.4 km course.
Our first athlete across the line was Lauren Highton in 12th place closely followed by Beth Hamlet just 5 seconds behind in 15th place. Abi Wroth was a further 11 seconds behind Beth in 18th position and then there was a short gap before the next 5 Walton athletes came running in, closely packed together. Laura Moore led the group in 30th position and then came
Rebecca Morris, Sophie Lee and Harriet T Hall, 35th, 36th and 38th
respectively. Carla Letheby was the 40th runner to finish and right behind
her was  Katie Van Gorkum. Our last two athletes were Shannen Kay and Katie
Lee who finished 43rd and 48th respectively.
Another good all round performance saw the U13s A team move up the league to third position with one match remaining. The B team finished 9th on the day and are 9th in the league (1st B team) and the C team were 15th on the day and are 13th (1st C team) in the league.

U13 placings are as follows
Lauren Highton     – 12th in 15.11
Beth Hamlet         – 15th in 15.16
Abi Wroth            – 18th in 15.27
Laura Moore         – 30th in 16.28
Rebecca Morris    – 35th in 16.47
Sophie Denmead  – 36th in 16.57
Harriet Hall           – 38th in 17.10
Carla Letheby       – 40th in 17.35
Kate Vangorkum   – 41st in 17.51
Shannen Kay        – 43rd in 18.03
Kate Lee               – 48th in 18.47

The under 15 team were led home by Nathalie Jones, followed by Rachal Strachan, Kim Dawkins and Ria Lawrence. They finished 6th team on the day and are 7th in the league.
Nathalie Jones               – 20th in 22.29
Rachel Strachan            – 28th in 24.19
Kim Dawkins                 – 29th in 26.28
Ria Lawrence                 – 33rd in 27.38

The under 17’s came 5th and move up to 4th in the league.
Katie Paton                   – 15th in 22.21
Sarah Morris                  – 20th in 26.19
Josie Morley                  – 21st in 27.39

The final match will be on 10th February in Richmond Park.
Well done to everybody

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