Surrey Sportshall Final 4th of February – Guildford

The final sports hall match saw both U13 girls teams save the best till last.

The A team won the match with their best score of the season.
The B team was the best B team with their best score of the season.

Everybody in both teams ran, threw or jumped at least one personal best.

Lauren was the top Walton girl and 3rd overall.
Abi was second Walton girl and 4th overall.
Harriet was third Walton girl and 10th overall.

The A team ran pb’s in all the relays.
Abi and Carla were first in the Paar with an incredible 6 seconds off their second place in the last match.  Herne Hill Harriers are still in shock!

The B team also ran pb’s in the Paar and obstacle relay.


For those interested the scoring works as follows:

The maximum individual score is 72.

There are 36 competitors in each event.

1st place scores 36 points.

2nd place scores 35 points and so on.
In the relay each place scores 5 points with a maximum of 90 points available.

I have listed all the top six places.

Match 1
1st in obstacle race.
3rd and 6th in 4 x 2 relay.
5th in Paar

Carla 2nd in shot, 5th in 2 lap.
Abi 3rd in LJ, 4th in 2 lap.
Lauren 3rd in 6 lap, 5th in VJ.

See here for a photo

Individual scores

Emily 42                            Jessica 50
Sophie 44                          Carla 67
Lauren C 35.5                   Abi  67.5
Kate 50.5                           Charlotte 53.5
Alice 35                             Lauren H 66

Match 2

Shannen 44                  Lauren 63
Emily 42                       Kate 45
Amber 32                     Jessica 45
Leilani 29                     Laura 55
Alice 39                       Abi 61
Charlotte D 23             Carla 59

 2nd in Paar, 2nd in obstacle.

Carla 2nd in shot                  Jessica 6th in shot
Lauren 4th in 6 lap                    Abi 5th in HJ

 Match 3

 Kate 46.5                            Abi 66
 Emily 47                             Carla 60.5
 Sophie 30                            Lauren H 68
 Lauren C 21.5                     Harriet 62.5
 Beth 49.5                             Charlotte 52
 Shannen 46.5                       Laura 48.5

1st  in Paar
6th in 4×2
2nd and 6th in obstacle race


Abi  4th in 2 lap and 4th inTJ
Lauren H 4th in 6 lap 2nd in TJ
Carla 2nd in shot
Charlotte 4th in shot
Harriet 6th in 6 lap and VJ