Young Athletes League Sheerwater 22 July

The final match of the season saw an improved turn out of athletes with some good indvidual performances. An improved turn out in the U17 age group helped the team to their second highest points score of the season. There is no doubt that  Walton can compete against any club if there is a good turn out.
In the U17men Ramon dominated the 100 and 200 with a new pb in the 200
Ben and Jack tuned in some respectable times and Ryan jumped a pb in long jump
The U15 boys were thin on the ground, but there were pbs for Joe in the 800, Harry in the
Pole vault, Ben Sutherland in the 1500 and Wesley in the discus and javelin.
In the U13 boys Hugo again turned in the performance of the day with another pb in the 800. Robert also had a good day with 3pbs.
The U17 womens team was helped with Kate Paton competing for the first time.
There were pbs for Rebecca and Chelsey in the long jump and Rosie and Chelsey in
the javelin. Rebecca also won the pole vault and it was good to see two Walton athletes
competing in this difficult event.
In the U15 girls there were pbs for Emma in the shot and long jump. Abi ran a pb in the
200 and Lauren proved that she can sprint as well run endurance with a pb in the 200
and javelin.
Star of the day in the U13 girls was Katie with a new pb in the hurdles. Sophie also ran a good race with a pb. Shannen managed to produce another big pb in the1200. Eleanor
produced a good all round performance on her return to competition. Danielle competing
for the first time also scored valuable points for the team.

Hillingdon 728
Woking 695
Camberley 520
London Heathside 236
DMV 153

 U17 men                
 100m  Ramon Wright   11.6 A1   Grade3      
 200m  Ramon Wright  23.8 A1  Grade3      
 800m  Jack Marchbank  2.20.9 A3   Ben Lawrence   2.32.9  B2
 1500m  Ben Lawrence  5.24.9 A4        
 Shot  Ryan Scothern  7.90 A4        
 Javelin  Ramon Wright  30.21 A2        
 Long Jump  Ryan Scothern  4.68pb A3        
 400m  Jack Marchbank  59.2 B2        
U15 boys               
 400m  Joe Walsh  62.4 A3    Ben Kennard  67.5  B2
 800m  Ben Sutherland  2.31.6 A3    Joe Walsh  2.24.6pb  B3
 1500m  Ben Kennard  5.04.7 A4    Ben Sutherland  5.07.9  B2
 80Hurdles  Josh Corrigan  16.1 A5        
 Discus  Wesley Turner  19.83pb A4    Ben Sutherland  8.61  B4
 Shot  Wesley Turner  7.47 A3    Ben Kennard  6.73  B2
 Javelin  Wesley Turner  22.55pb A4     H. Marchbank  13.77  B4
Pole Vault  Harry Marchbank  2.35pb A1 Grade4      
 High Jump  Josh Corrigan  1.45 A3 Grade4   H Marchbank  1.25  
 U13 Boys              
 100m  Hugo Fleming  14.5 A2  Grade4  G Ruvelo  15.6 B4
 200m  Conor Keegan  35.1pb A4     Elliot Anthony  32.5 B3
 800m  Hugo Fleming  2.20.3pb A1  Grade1  Conor Keegan  3.26.0  B5
 75H  Robert Litchfield 15.7pb A2 Grade4   Elliot Anthony  19.3 B4 
 Shot  G. Ruvelo  6.37 A2 Grade4  R. Litchfield  4.91pb B4 
 Long Jump  Hugo Fleming  3.57 A5     Kieran Byrne  2.79 B6
 High Jump Robert Litchfield   1.20 A2        
 100m  R. Pickering  13.7 A4         
 200m  Rosie Marino  27.4 A3   Grade4      
 300m  Kate Paton  49.7pb A3    Nicola Aylett  49.6  B2
 800m  Nicola Aylett  2.44.2 A3    Kate Paton  2.50.6pb  B1
 80Hurdles  Rosie Marino  12.5 A1   Grade3      
 Shot  Nicola Aylett  5.78 A3        
 Javelin Rosie Marino   16.33pb A4     Chelsey Lavall 16.15pb   B2
 Long Jump  R. Pickering  4.76pb A1  Grade3  Chelsey Lavall  4.07pb  B2
 High Jump  Chelsey Lavall  1.44 A1         
Pole Vault   R. Pickering  2.45 A1        
 U15 girls              
 100m  Abi Wroth  14.3 A3        
 200m  Abi Wroth  28.3pb A2   Grade4  Lauren Highton  30.3pb B2
 1500m  Lauren Highton  5.33.3 A2   Grade4      
75Hurdles   Charlotte Toms  15.1 A3        
 Long Jump Emma Leech   4.16pb A2   Grade4      
 High Jump  Emma Leech  1.35 A2   Abi Wroth   1.30 B1 
 Discus  Charlotte Toms  15.26 A2  Grade4      
 Javelin  Lauren Highton  10.74pb A4         
 Shot  Charlotte Toms  6.41 A4    Emma Leech  6.24pb B2 
 U13 girls              
 75m  Shannen Kay  11.8 A4    E. Palmer  12.6 B4
 150m  Danielle Byrne  24.6 A4         
 800m S. Denmead  2.59.1  A4        
 1200m Shannen Kay   4.52.5 A5        
 70Hurdles  K. Churchman  13.0pb B1   Grade3  S. Denmead  15.2pb A4
 High Jump  Shannen Kay  1.15 A4    E. Palmer   1.10 B3
 Long Jump  S. Denmead  3.20 A4        
 Shot  E. Palmer  4.56 A5    Danielle Byrne 4.00  B4 
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