Lily B Plate Final September 8th

The Lily B Plate Final saw Walton neck and neck with Herne Hill for most of the afternoon.  Unfortunately the lack of U.17’s and B string relay teams finally proved decisive and the team finished a close second to Herne Hill.

In the U.11 age group only Eleanor Palmer turned out in a competition which is especially set up to give this age group experience.  So it was disappointing that no other girls took the opportunity to have a go.  Eleanor ran the second fastest time of the day in the 600m with a new pb of 2 minutes dead.  Eleanor finished 4th out of 31 competitors in the long jump with a distance of 3.58m.
The U.13 girls team had an excellent day particularly in the field events.  The best all round performance came from Beth Hamlet who equalled or improved her pb’s in all her events.  Leanne and Leilani who "could not throw javelin" managed to win the A and B strings.  Leanne also threw well in the shot and discus. 

Shannen, who has been the mainstay of the U.13 girls team all season, finished with wins in the discus and high jump and a second place in the 100m.  Alice ran a pb in the 100m and jumped a pb in the long jump.  Beth Sutherland and Sophie Denmead gave a good all round performances with Beth jumping a pb in long jump.
There were only three pb’s for the under 15 girls, Kate in the high jump, Lauren Childs in the 100m and Lauren Highton in the 200m.There were A string wins for Carla in the javelin and discus and B string wins for Laura Moore in the javelin and high jump.Biggest effort of the day came from Alicia who doubled up in the 800m and 1500m without complaint.  Sophie also scored valuable points for the team in the hurdles and shot.
The under 17 team of Ellen and Chelsey had a good afternoon with Ellen winning the 100 and 200 sprints with nobody else in sight!  Chelsey performed close to her pb’s in high jump and javelin and set a pb for the season in long jump.  Chelsey has been the mainstay of the U.17 girls team this season turning out whenever possible.

The team managers would like to thank all the girls for turning out for the Club and hope to see them all again next season.

Also a big thank you to the mums and dads who supported the team and helped out on the judging of our six field events.
Just to remind everyone there is a busy winter season of sporthall and cross country.  Anybody who wants to, can participate in both these competitions.  You don’t have to be asked by a team manager, just let a coach know you are available.  Dates are on the web site.

Herne Hill                       343.5

WALTON                        300

Hercules Wimbledon  173

Fleet and Crookham   147.5

DMV                                 124

Redhill                             14


 75m  Eleanor Palmer  13.0             
 600m  Eleanor Palmer  2.00            
 Long Jump  Eleanor Palmer  3.58    Grade4  U13standard      
 100m  Shannen Kay  15.6 A2    Alice McGill   16.2pb B2   
 N/S  Leilani Munday  17.2            
 200m  Beth Hamlet  31.6 A3 Grade4   B. Sutherland  35.4 B2  
 N/S  Sophie Denmead  35.0            
 800m  Beth Hamlet  2.49.3pb A3  Grade4  S. Denmead  3.07.8 B3   
1500m  No Competitors              
 70 hurdles  Beth Hamlet  14.4pb A2  Grade4  S. Denmead  15.5 B2   
 Long Jump  Alice McGill  3.45pb  A4    B. Sutherland  3.26pb B1  
 Javelin  Leilani Munday  12.05  A1    L. Jupp  8.82 B1   
 Discus  Leanne Jupp  15.73  A2  Grade4  S. Kay  12.12 B1  
 Shot  Leanne Jupp  5.85  A3  Grade4  B Sutherland  3.22 B3  
High Jump   Shannen Kay  1.20  A1  Grade4  B. Hamlet  1.15 B1  
 Relay Shannen, Sophie   65.4            
   Beth S, Leilani              
 100m  Lauren Highton  15.3  A5    Lauren Childs 15.5pb  B4  
 200m  Lauren Highton  31.2pb  A3    Kate Lee  32.4 B2  
 800m  Lauren Highton  2.51.1 A3     Alicia Thonet  3.01.8 B2   
1500m   Alicia Thonet  6.24.8 A2           
75hurdles   Kate Lee  15.1 A3     Sophie Childs  17.3 B3  
 Long Jump  Lauren Childs  3.57 A4     Laura Moore  3.29 B4  
 High Jump  Kate Lee  1.30pb A2     Laura Moore  1.25 B1  
 Javelin  Carla Letheby  26.82 A1   Grade2  Laura Moore  14.06 B1  
 Discus  Carla Letheby  24.86 A1   Grade2  Lauren Childs  11.5 B3  
 Shot  Carla Letheby  8.27 A4  Grade3  Sophie Childs  5.14 B4   
 Relay Carla ,Alicia, Kate,  Lauren     61.0        
 100m  Ellen Selwood  14.0 A1          
 200m  Ellen Selwood  29.5 A1          
 Shot  Ellen Selwood  6.35 A2          
 High Jump  Chelsey Lavall  1.45 A2  Grade4         
 Long Jump  Chelsey Lavall  4.01pb A2          
 Javelin  Chelsey Lavall 15.67  A3          
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