Southern Men’s League 12th July at Ilford

Walton’s men were in the middle of yet another very close match at Ilford on Saturday. The lead changed hands many times throughout the day between Hercules Wimbledon, Walton and the host club Ilford. Going into the last event, the 4 x 400m relay  Wimbledon were just out of reach but Walton and Ilford were neck and neck in second place. A thrilling relay saw Ilford head Walton by less than a second leaving us in third place. Norwich and Oxford were well adrift in 4th and 5th.


The track events started with a win for Adam Mccarthy in the 400m hurdles with David Moles 3rd in the B race. Adam was 2nd in the sprint hurdles with Julian Langley 3rd in the B.
Walton’s sprinters had a good day with 2nd and 3rd for Ramon Wright and Lawrecne Munro in the 100m, 3rd and 1st for Ramon and Mark Partridge in the 200m and two 2nd places for Alex Fraser and Jack Marchbank in the 400m. The sprinters rounded the day off with a season’s best and a win in the 4 x 100m relay.


Points were harder to come by in the distance races with the only winner being Steve Mills in the B string steeplechase. Steve also ran a season’s best for 2nd in the B string 800m. James Harvey ran just outside his best for the year in the chase and the 5k but only picked up 3rd and 4th places. Jon Brine was 4th in the B string 5k and 1500m with Jon Ladley 4th in the A 1500.


Walton picked up 31 points out of 40 in the throws with Josh Davis winning the hammer and gaining two 3rd places and a 4th. In the B string events there were wins for Adam McCarthy and Joe Eastwood in the discus and javelin and 2nd places for Lawrence Munro and Jack Rutherford in the shot and hammer.
The jumps were tough with the highlights being the pole vault where Stu Fawcett won the A string and Jon Ladley was 2nd in the B and the long jump where Andrew Kennard and Jon Ladley both produced season’s bests.
The result leaves Walton in 13th place in the league of 25 clubs with one match left.

Match Result
 1 Hercules Wimbledon  128
 2  Ilford  123
 3  WALTON  122
 4  City of Norwich    95
 5  Oxford City    62


Walton Performances
 100m  Ramon Wright u20  11.5  A2  Lawrence Munro  12.1  B3
 200m  Ramon Wright u20  23.1  A3  Mark Partridge u20  23.5  B1
 400m  Alex Fraser  51.8  A2  Jack Marchbank u20  55.2  B2
 800m  Jack Marchbank u20  2.11.1  A4  Stevyn Mills  2.06.57 sb  B2
 1500m  Jon Ladley  4.35.2  A4  Jon Brine  5.05.1  B4
 5000m  James Harvey  16.23.4  A4  Jon Brine  18.10.2  B4
 110m Hurdles  Adam McCarthy  17.2  A2  Julian Langley  20.1  B3
 400m Hurdles  Adam Mccarthy  56.3  A1  David Moles m45  63.9  B3
 3000m Steeplechase  James Harvey  10.15.5  A3  Stevyn Mills  10.53.3  B1
 Long Jump  Andrew Kennard m40  5.87 sb  A4  Jon Ladley  5.65 sb  B2
 High Jump  Stuart Fawcett  1.60  A5  Jon Ladley  1.50  B3
 Triple Jump  Jon Ladley  11.18  A4  Stuart Fawcett  11.17  B4
 Pole Vault  Stuart Fawcett  3.40  A1  Jon Ladley  2.80  B2
 Shot  Josh Davis m45  10.89 sb  A3  Lawrence Munro  9.43  B2
 Discus  Josh Davis m45  29.71  A3  Adam McCarthy  28.85  B1
 Javelin  Josh Davis m45  38.94  A4  Joe Eastwood m55  38.10  B1
 Hammer  Josh Davis m45  31.95  A1  Jack Rutherford m50  25.67  B2
 4 x 100m Relay
 Wright, Fraser,
Munro, Partridge
 44.4 sb  1
 4 x 400m Relay
 McCarthy, Fraser,
Ladley, Partridge
 3.33.5  3
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