Young Athletes League 22 June 08 Kingsmeadow

The third YAL match at Kingsmeadow saw the team again suffer from a lack of U.17 athletes.  The U.15 girls were again the best age group with another 10 A & B string wins.

In the U.13 girls, Beth managed another 2 pb’s by competing in not her usual events The only wins on the day were for Kate and Lucy in the shot.  Sophie ran a new pb in the A string hurdles.  Best individual performance was Lucy’s second place in the 75m.

The U.15 girls had another good day with wins for Lisa, Kate, Shannen, Alice, Rio, Sinead and Carla.  Lauren filling in at long jump leapt to a new pb in the event.  This was a great team performance from all the girls.

The U.13 boys had four wins.  James in the B string hurdles, Sam Linsley in the 1500m and Sam Odell and Elliot in the long jump.  Sam Odell winning the A string long jump in a new pb.  Robert running in the A string hurdles and Elliot in the 100m both ran new pb’s.

There was only one win for the U.15 boys and that was for Ben in the B string 800m.  There were two new athletes competing – Ollie and Kyle both running n/s 800m and hopefully they will compete in some other events next time.

There were 4 new pb’s on the day.  Hugo in the 800m, Joe in the long jump, Ben Kennard in the shot and Ben Sutherland in the Javelin.

The U.17 men continued to give their best with a new pb for Harry in the 400m.

Final match of the season is at Kingsmeadow on the 27th July.
It would help if anybody wishing to compete would let us know if they are available as soon as possible.


1. K & P                               591

 2.   S L H                            429

3. Wimbledon                    384

4. WALTON                         293

5. LHS                                  291

6. Highgate                         196

U.13  Girls               
 150m  Beth Sutherland  23.4 pb  4a           
 800m  Sophie Denmead  2.57.3   4a    Kate Van Gorkum  3.11.2   3b   
 70mH  Sophie Denmead  14.4 pb  4a G4         
 75m  Lucy Paskell  10.6  2a G2   Kate Van Gorkum  12.1  5b  
 1200m  Beth Sutherland  4.43.4  4a          
 Shot  Lucy Paskell  6.04  1a  G4  Kate Van Gorkum  5.19 1a  
 LJump  Sophie Denmead  3.71 pb  3a  G4  Beth Sutherland  3.20 pb  3b  
 Relay  Lucy, Sophie, Beth  Kate  3a    60.9      
 U.15  Girls              
 200m  Abbie Wroth  29.4  3a    Lisa O’Brien  29.7  1b  
 800m  Lauren Highton  2.48.0  2a     Rio Herring  2.50.0  1b  
 75mH  Lisa O’Brien  12.8  1a  G3  Kate Lee  14.3  2b  G4
 100m  Lisa O’Brien  14.2  4a    Abbie Wroth  14.4   2b  
 1500m  Alice Wills  5.08.0  1a  G3        
 LJump  Lauren Highton  4.18 pb  2a  G4  Abbie Wroth  3.95  2b  
 HJump  Kate Lee  1.40  1a  G4  Shannen Kay  1.20  1b   
 Discus  Carla Letheby  31.99  1a  G1  Sinead O’Brien  18.7  1b  G4
 Javlin  Carla Letheby  29.13  1a  G1  Sinead O’Brien  13.54  2b  
 Shot  Carla Letheby  9.59  1a  G1  Sinead O’Brien  6.97  2b  G4
 Relay  Lisa, Carla, Kate, Abbie   2a    56.7      
 U.17  Women              
 NONE  ENTERED            
 200m  Sam Odell   29.0 pb   2a   G3  James Drummond  30.3   2b G4 
 75mH  Robert Litchfield  15.7 pb  5a   G4  James Drummond  14.9  1b  G3
 100m  Elliot Anthony  14.5 pb  2a  G4  Sam Odell  14.6  3b  G4
 1500m  Sam Linsley  4.46.3 pb  1a  G1  Phil Bearman  5.41.3  3b   
 HJump  Robert Litchfield  1.20  5a  G4  James Drummond  1.15  3b  
 Shot  Elliot Anthony  6.41  4a  G4        
 LJump  Sam Odell  4.12 pb  1a  G3  Elliot Anthony pb  3.60  1b  
 Relay  Sam, Elliott, Rob,  James  2a    58.2      
 U.15  Boys              
 200m  Hugo Fleming  27.9 pb  2a    Joe Walsh  27.2  3b   
 800m  Hugo Fleming  2.13.4 pb  3b  G3  Ben Sutherland  2.31.3  1b  
 800m  Kyle Treherne  2.35.6  ns    Ollie Clement  2.39.7  ns  
 400m  Hugh Fleming  60.4  5a  G4        
 1500m  Ben Kennard  5.01.0  2a          
 LJump  Joe Walsh  4.40 pb  6a          
 Shot  Ben Kennard  7.65 pb  3a          
 Javelin  Ben Sutherland  4.49 pb  5a          
 Relay Ben, Ben, Joe,   Hugo  4a    58.7      
 U.17  Men              
 200m  Martin Norman  27.5  6a          
 400m  Harry Marchbank  72.4 pb  4a          
 100m  Martin Norman  13.7  6a          
 1500m  George Thomas  4.58.3  3a          
 P Vault  Harry Marchbank  2.10  2a          
 LJump  George Thomas  4.49  6a          
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