A good turnout by the under 13 girls saw them fill all the events except the relay for the first time this season. This produced their best result of the season with a second place. The under 17 girls  managed to turnout two relay teams and won their age group again. The girls’ team won the girls’ match.


Despite the best efforts of the boys that competed the team finished last in the division.


The under 13 girls had 4 event wins. Lucy won both the sprints, Megan the high jump and Josie the B string of the shot. This was a good team performance by all the girls, of particular note were the efforts of Megan, Victoria, Lydia and Holly who all ran the distance events on a very hot day. Lucy, Megan and Sophie all achieved AAA standards. Nina and Katie ran near their best in the 75 and 150 and Nina competed in the high jump for the first time.


The under 15 girls had two event wins both by Camilla in the 200m and hurdles. Alice ran her best time of the season to finish second on the 1500m. Unfortunately Sophie hurt her back in the 800m, but still finished the race. Georgina scored some valuable points and threw near her pb in the javelin.


The under 17 girls had another great day with 12 event wins. Kate won the high jump, 300 hurdles, and the B string of the 80 hurdles. Lisa won the 80 hurdles and long

jump. Sinead won the shot, B string hammer and B string discus.


Carla won all her three throws with pbs in the javelin and discus. Carla again broke her own club record in the discus.


George and Ben were again the sole competitors for the under 17 boys. Best event for George was the 800m where he came second. Ben’s best event of the day was his win in the B string of the long jump.


The under 15 boys were down to one athlete Sam, who finished 6th and 5th in the 100 and 200m


The under 13 boys had two new athletes competing, Oscar in the 800m and Matthew in the 100, 200 and long jump. Elliott and Joey were the only other boys competing and both managed some reasonable throws in the shot to finish 4th in the A and B strings.


Thank you to the parents who helped out on the day.

Athletes of the match. Megan for her Grade 2 standard high jump and for running the 1200m. Lucy for her double sprint wins with Grade 2 and 3 standards

Chiltern                     514.5
TVH                            449.5
Woking                      388.5
Camberley                353
Abingdon                   312.
WALTON                    263

 800m Ben Kennard 2.18.5 4a
 1500m George Thomas 4.32.1 2a
 400mH Ben Kennard 68.2 3a
 HJ  George Thomas 1.40 3a
 LJ George Thomas  4.84 4a Ben Kennard  4.68 1b
 100m  Sam Odell 14.50 6a
 200m  Sam Odell 29.60 5a
 100m  Matthew Jessop 15.40 5a Elliot Bryant 16.10 6b
 200m Matthew Jessop 31.70 6a
 800m Elliot Bryant 3.11.2 4a Oscar Young 2.53.4 3b
 Shot Joey Odell 4.67 4a Elliot Bryant 4.09 4b
 LJ Matthew Jessop 3.21 5a Joey Odell 2.61 4b


100m Lisa Obrien 13.7 2a
80mH Lisa Obrien 13.0 1a G4 Kate Lee 14.4 1b
300mH Kate Lee 49.9 1a G4
Hammer Carla Letheby 31.14 1a G3 Sinead Obrien 19.44 1b
Discus Carla Letheby 36.39 1a G1 Sinead Obrien 20.89 1b
Shot  Sinead Obrien 8.14 1a G4 Abbie Wroth 5.69 1b
Javelin Carla Letheby 36.0 1a G1 Abbie Wroth 13.38 2b
LJ  Lisa Obrien 4.34 2a Abbie Wroth 3.92 2b
HJ Kate Lee 1.41 1a
 4×100  55.2 3a
 4×300  TBA 1a
100m  Camilla Papa 13.6 3a G4
200m Camlla Papa 27.3 1a G3
800m Sophie Denmead 3.06.5 6a
1500m Alice Wills 5.04.7 2a Georgina Chapman 6.11.7 3b
75mH Camilla Papa 12.8 1a G3
LJ Sophie Denmead 3.56 6a
HJ Georgina Chapman 1.20 4a
Jav Georgina Chapman 16.2 3a
75m Lucy Weir 10.5 1a G2 Nina Giambrone 11.6 4b
150m Lucy Weir 21.1 1a G3 Katie Giambrone 24.3 4b
 800m  Lydia McNulty  2.58.5  3a Victoria Cain 3.04.6 3b
1200m Megan Houska 5.06.8 5a Holly Weston Jones 5.09.9 3b
75H Josie Farmer 14.1 3a Megan Houska 15.7 2b
HJ  Megan Houska  1.33 1a G2  Nina Giambrone 1.05 5b
LJ Lucy Weir 3.90 2a G4 Victoria Cain 3.35 3b
Shot Sophie Mace 6.24 4a G4 Josie Farmer 6.04 1b G4
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