The third match in the series was the best attended  this season and the Club scored its highest points total so far. Unfortunately the weather along with the facilities were awful. Rain and more rain , no refreshments and no cover from the elements. The team, the officials and parents who were there all day deserved medals.

There were some good individual performances on the day dispite the weather. Helena and Sophie were first and second in the 75m. Sophie won the shot and Helana produced one of her best jumpsof the season to take second place in long jump. Hollie Weston-Jones did well to take second place in the high jump in thepouring rain.

Sam Mace won the shot and Curtis Court won the high jump equalling his pb. Nat running with an injured foot helped the boys take second place in the relay.

Lucy Weir took first place in the 100m. Marie Crosnier took second place in the discus and Gemma Clements did well to take second place in the shot. There was the rare sight of a Walton pole vaulter, Jessica Parkes winning the event with a new pb.

The only

under 15 boy George Dixon won the 80m hurdles.

The under 17 boys again did well with Timothy Jackson winning the 400m on the track.

Matthew won the hammer and Curtis won the discus with a new pb.

The men also finished a good day winning both the relays.

Portsmouth               366

New Forest                350

WALTON                     260

Havant                         141
Athletes of the match

Curtis Knight for winning the discus with a new pb and his contribution to the team performance.

Jessica Parkes for her performance in the pole vault in terrible weather  conditions, her second place in the 800m and her contribution to the team performance.

A big thank you to all the parents who helped out on the day.

U13 GIRLS                       
Helena Garland  10.7  G3                 
Sophie Mace  10.9  G3                 
Helena Garland  21.5  G3                 
Sophie Mace  21.6  G4                 
Claudia Pattison 2.45.1                   
 Hollie Weston-Jones 2.58.9                   
Long Jump                       
Helena Garland  4.23  G3                 
Jodie Clements  2.94                   
High Jump                      
Hollie Weston -Jones  1.15                   
Poppy Hodge  1.10                   
Sophie Mace  10.89  1  G1                
Poppy Hodge  5.98                   
 Relay 4×100                      
Sophie Helena Poppy Claudia 59.2                   
 U15 GIRLS                      
 Lucy Weir 13.3 1 G4                 
Marie Crosnier  15.5                   
Jessica Parkes  3.03.4  2                  
Zohar Levi 3.07.6                   
Pole Vault                      
Jessica Parkes  1.85                   
Long Jump                       
Lucy Weir  4.35                   
Marie Crosnier  3.06                   
Marie Crosnier  15.83                   
Zohar Levi  10.15                   
Gemma Clements  6.22                   
Jessica Parkes  4.14                   
Gemma Clements  15.70                   
Zohar Levi  8.71                   
Relay 4x100m                       
Lucy Marie Gemma Zohar  DISQ                     
U17 Girls                       
No competitors                       
U13 BOYS                       
Nathanial David  14.5                  
Sam Mace  14.8                   
Sawa Yamakawa  29.9                   
Curtis Court  2.57.1                   
Long Jump                      
Sawa Yamakawa  3.93                   
Curtis Court  3.53                   
High Jump                       
Curtis Court 1.33  G4                 
Nathanial David  1.10                   
Sam Mace  6.66                   
Sawa Yamakawa  5.65                   
Relay 4x100m                       
Sam Nat Curtis Sawa  61.2                   
U15 BOYS                       
George Dixon  14.9                   
80m Hurdles                       
George Dixon  16.5  1                  
Long Jump                       
George Dixon  3.91                   
U17 MEN                       
Elliot Anthony  12.4                   
Robbie Prance  13.1                   
Robbie Prance  26.7                   
Sam Odell  27.2                   
Sam Odell  2.27.8                   
Timothy Jackson  56.7                   
Matthew Szepietowski  32.33  1  G4                 
Curtis Knight  30.71  G4                 
Matthew Szepietowski  39.26  G4                 
Curtis Knight  30.71                   
Curtis Knight 34.49  G3                 
Matthew Szepietowski  10.89  G4                 
Relay 4×100                       
Curtis Matt Robbie Sam  50.1                   
 4x400m 4.09.9                   
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