The final competition at the Spectrum saw the under 13 girls and boys save their best to last with both teams coming second.

Well done to to Sam Mace, Sawa Yamakawa, Josh Cook, Curtis Court, Oliver Coombs and Matthias Weber for the boys.

And the girls Sophie Mace Hetty Taylor, Emily Williams, Claudia Pattison, Nicole Fallon and Jodie Clements.

A special mention for Carlotta, Tait, Charlotte and Maddie from the juniors who made up the under13 girls B team for most of the competitions. They all performed well, especially Charlotte who won all her 6 lap races and Tait for her vertical jump.

The under 15s suffered from lack of numbers throughout the season. Regulars were Lucy Weir and Gemma Clements for the girls and George Dixon for the boys. Best result for George was in match 3 when he finished  8th best boy.

Best result for Lucy was in match 1 where she finished 11th best girl.

For the under 13 boys Callum Beauchamp won the 6 lap race and was selected for the intercounties match.

Sam Mace and Sawa Yamakawa won every shot event beteween them and were also selected to represent Surrey.

Sophie Mace dominated the shot winning all three competitions and was automatically selected to represent Surrey.

In the intercounties match at Bugess Hill the under 13 boys and girls teams for Surrey both finished second.

Calum won the bronze medal in the 6 lap race. Sophie won gold in the shot with a new pb of 11.28m

Sawa  and Sam were 7th and 8th respectively. Sawa throwing a pb of 8.06m

Well done to the Walton boys and girls

Full results can be found on the Surrey Athletics web site.

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