YDL Lower Age Groups match 1 at Woking

Well done for the first YDL of the season we won the match by 91 points!!! Next match Saturday 31st May Worthing.

Walton 687.75

Woking 596.75

Sutton 532.5

Worthing 493

Holland sports 419

Fleet & Crookham 255

Reigate Priory 247

Maidenhead 217


The U13 Boys/U15 Boys and U15 Girls all came first and the U13 Girls which had suffered from reshuffles on the day came 3rd only 7 points behind Sutton in 2nd and only 13 points behind Woking in first.  The U15 Boys got 187 points in total and the U15 girls 186!!! Game on……..

Sam Mace, Sawa Yamakawa, Jasmine de la Touche, Conor Martin and Tait Jones won all of their events.

Nicola Bell got 2 first and a third and Daniel Horsey 2 firsts.

U13 Girls firsts:

Jasmine de la Touche 75m 10.7, Javelin 17.73, Shot 6.23  all 1A

Charlotte Vaughan 70m Hurdles 13.3 1A


U13 Boys:

Conor Martin 100m 13.6 1A, Hurdles 15.2 1B, LJ 4.45 1A

Ben Marks Javelin 20.05 1A

Daniel Horsey Shot 3.65 1B, 1,500m 5.50.7 1B

Zac Goor Javelin 15.39 1A

Relay: Zac Goor, Ben Marks, Oliver Coppoletti, Conor Martin


U15 Girls first places:

Hetty Taylor Shot 10.62m 1A

India Dryburgh Long Jump 4.79 1A

Tait Jones Discus 27.94 1A, Javelin 24.89 1B, Shot 8.23 1B

Nicola Bell Javelin 29.94 1A, Discus 22.26 1B

Sia Banbury Hammer 17.61 1B

Jasmine Jones Long Jump 3.98 1B


U15 Boys first places:

Sawa Yamakawa Hurdles 11.6 (National Standard), Shot 11.25, High Jump 1.55 all 1 A’s

Sam Mace Hammer 39.30, Discus 38.69 (National Standard), Javelin 37.83 all 1 A’s

Kieran Allinson Hammer 15.72 1B

Mark Jacoby Hurdles 16.0 1B

Relay: 4 x 300m Charlie Feinson, Sam Mace, Mark Jacoby, Jaime West


Athletes who now have a Surrey Ranking (see website to see your name http://www.surreyathletics.org.uk ) and/or an AAA Grade


Jasmine de la Touche     75m 10.7 (Grade 3)                          Surrey Rankings 75m, Shot, Javelin

Charlotte Vaughan          70 Hurdles 13.3 (Grade 4)             Surrey Rankings 1,200m, Hurdles

Conor Martin                     100m 13.6 (Grade 4), Long Jump 4.45m (Grade 3), Hurdles 15.2 (Grade 4)

Surrey Rankings 100m, LJ, Hurdles

Ben Marks                                                                                          Surrey Rankings 800m, Javelin

Oliver Coppoletti              1,500m 5.13.2 (Grade 4),               Surrey Rankings 1,500 and 200m

Nicola Bell Javelin             29.94m (Grade 1), Discus 22.46 (Grade 4)

Surrey Rankings Hammer, Discus, Javelin

India Dryburgh                  LJ 4.77 (Grade 4), 100m 13.2 (Grade 3), 200m 27.1 (Grade 3)

Surrey Rankings 100, 200, LJ

Hetty Taylor Shot             10.62 (Grade 1),                               Surrey Rankings 100m, 200m, Shot

Tait Jones Discus              27.94 (Grade 1), Javelin 24.89 (Grade 3), Shot 8.23 (Grade 4),

Surrey Rankings Discus, Javelin, Shot.

Lucy Withers                                                                                      Surrey Rankings 1,500m 5.24.2

Sia Banbury                                                                                        Surrey Rankings Hammer 17.61

Jaime West                                                                                         Surrey Rankings 100m 12.9, 200m 25.7

Charlie Feinson                                                                                                 Surrey Rankings 800m 2.25.6

Sawa Yamakawa               Hurdles 11.6 National Standard Grade 1, Shot 11.25 (Grade 3), High Jump 1.55 (Grade 4)                                                                                                Surrey Rankings Hurdles, Shot, High Jump

Sam Mace                           Discus 38.69 National Standard Grade 1, Javelin 37.83 (Grade 3), Hammer 39.30 (Grade 3)                                                                             Surry Rankings Discus, Javelin, Hammer


Athletes of the Match: Sawa Yamakawa and Sam Mace for both getting National Standard in their respective events and 3 x 1A for the team.


Unsung Heroes of the Match who went above and beyond the call of duty.

U13 Girls:  Maddie Pattison

U13 Boys: Daniel Horsey

U15 Girls: Tiggy Tymens and Sia Banbury

U15 Boys: Kieron Allinson

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