Ebbisham League at Kingston 18th May

A super hot day at Kingston and some sizzling performances to match took Walton boys to the top.
A strong team of twenty four boys all clubbed together to win our Division.  While the under 11’s ran and ran and jumped the big boys took the lead.
For many this was their first competition but determination won the day over all the nerves and exhaustion.
We had PB’s galore and a fantastic start to the boys comps and a most impressive turn out and performances.
A very big thank you to all our officials and help from Hilary, Andrew and Ben who warmed up, jeered up and cheered up all.
Man of the Match – a tricky one as you were all excellent but I would have to choose Charlie Feinson as no sooner had he returned from his 400m and took of his spikes
he was called on as reserve and straight back out to the track to help the boys in a thrilling relay performance as well as winning his 400m and 800m and 3rd in High Jump.
Top athletes winning all scoring events : Joe O’Connor (100m  A, 200m A, Relay ), Mark Jacoby (400m B), Kieran Allinson (800m B), Sawa Yamakawa (Hurd A, Jav, B, Disc B, Relay) and Sam Mace (100m B, Jav A, Discus A, Relay)
Also Sawa Yamakawa ( 2nd Year Under 15 Boys) 80m Hurdles 11.6 sec is the National Standard Qualification time for English Schools Track and Field Competition and 
Sam Mace  (1st year Under 15 boys) Discus 40.03m is above the National Standard Qualification of 38.0m also for the English Schools track and Field Competition to be held on 11/12 July 2014.


   Athletes making Surrey County Athletics Standards : Ross Forrest (100m,200m), Oliver Coppolletti (200m,1500m), Ben Marks (800m, Javelin)
   Joe O’Connor (100m, 200m), Charlie Feinson (800m, 400m), Sawa Yamakawa (Hurd, Discus, Javelin), Sam Mace (100m, Javelin, Discus)
   AAA Standards achieved:   Oliver Coppolletti Grade 4 1500m,  Ben Marks Grade 4 Javelin
   Joe O’Connor Garde 3 100m, 200m, Sawa Yamakawa Grade 1 Hurdles, Grade 3 Discus , Grade 4 Javelin, Sam Mace Grade 1 Discus, Grade 3 Javelin


 Officials to thank: Jack Rutherford, Debbie Singleton, Marie Marks, Peter Allinson, Robbie Prance, Stuart Mace and Sophie Mace
Under 11 boys
75m               11.9              Nicholas Didaskalou
                      12.2             Christopher Vaughan
                      12.2             Tom Polley
                      12.3             Jack Gemmell
                      12.3             Finlay Northage
                      12.5             Freddy Pank
                      12.6             Matthew Brosnihan
                      12.9             Jacob Gelona
150m             24.1             Nicholas Didaskalou
                      24.8             Christopher Vaughan
                      24.9             Tom Polley
                      26.1             Matthew Brosnihan
                      26.2             Finlay Northage
600m             1.59.4          Jack Gemmell
                      2.03.4          Freddy Pank
                      2.05.3          Nicholas Didaskalou
                      2.18.4          Matthew Brosnihan
Long Jump    3.18m          Christopher Vaughan
                      3.11m          Freddy Pank
                      3.10m          Jack Gemmell
                      3.09m          Tom Polley
                      3.08m          Finlay Northage
Under 13 boys
100m          14.4  n/s      pb     Ross Forrest
                   14.8  3rd A           Zac Goor
                   16.2  n/s      pb     Zac Beharie
                   18.2  n’s      pb     Liam Butler
200m          29.8  3rd A          Oliver Coppolletti    
                   30.3  n/s      pb    Ross Forrest
                   30.6  1st B  =pb   Zac Goor                 
300m          53.6   2nd A  pb   Daniel Horsey           
800m       2.43.1   4th A    pb    Ben Marks
                2.50.0   2nd B   pb    Zac Beharie
                3.30.4   n/s       pb     Liam Butler
1500m      5.14.4  2nd A      Oliver Coppolletti
L.Jump       3.75m 3rd A          Zac Goor
                   3.63m n/s     pb    Ross Forrest
                   3.50m 3rd B pb    Daniel Horsey
                   1.88m n/s     pb    Liam Butler
Javelin       22.56m 1st A  pb    Ben Marks
Shot            5.02m  1st A  pb    Ben Marks
                   4.41m  1st B        Zac Beharie
Relay 4 X 200m: Coppolletti, Marks, Horsey, Forrest 2.05.6 sec  2nd
Under 15 Boys
100m             12.00  1st A  pb  Joe O’Connor
                      12.07  1st B pb   Sam Mace
                      13.6     n/s   pb   Ryan Lawson
                      14.0     n/s   pb    Mark Jacoby
200m             24.7    1st A pb  Joe O’Connor
                      27.5    1st B pb  Ryan Lawson
400m             61.5    1st A   pb   Charlie Feinson
                      63.6    1st B   pb     Mark Jacoby
                      67.8     n/s     pb    Kieran Allinson
800m          2.18.9   1st A pb  Charlie Feinson
                   2.36.1   1st B       Kieran Allinson
                  2.58.5     n/s   pb   Josh Dinsdale
1500m       5.14.1    2nd A  pb    Jake Wakeling
80m Hurd      11.6  1st A =pb   Sawa Yamakawa
Triple jump    7.36m 3rd A pb   Josh Dinsdale
High Jump     1.15m  3rd A  pb    Charlie Feinson
Javelin        36.81m 1st A        Sam Mace
                   35.84m 1st B        Sawa Yamakawa
Discus        40.03m 1st A pb    Sam Mace
                   32.05m 1st B        Sawa Yamakawa
                   12.31m  n/s           Mark Jacoby
Relay 4 X 200m :  O’Connor, Yamakawa, Feinson, Mace   1.45.1 sec 1st
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