Lily B Match 1 Report

Lily B League – Match 1 – 5th May – Report

We had some wonderful weather at our first Lily B event on Saturday 5th May at Ewell with a brilliant turnout of girls ranging in age from U11 to U17. Everyone should be really pleased and proud of their performances.

There were amazing results from beginning to end both on track and field. We had two new club records – Jeslyn Agyei Kyem 12:4 for 100m U15 and Cedelle Agyei Kyem for 300m in 41.00 U17. Some PBs from Jeslyn (24:7 for 200m U15), Cedelle (25:5 for 200m U17) and Emma Fisher (27:2 for 200m U13).

On the field we stormed the Hammer with two wins from Amy-Lee van der Westhuizen 28:0m (U15) and Eva West 29:02m (U17).

There were a number of firsts with Maddie Pompei (U17) competing in pole vault, Olivia Hansen (U15) in the sprint hurdles and three very new competitors in our U11 team – Alana Oosterkamp, Olivia Barnes and Poppy Scott who had some excellent performances in a number of events.

A special mention should be made to Jess Swetman and Sally Mammen who stepped in to complete the U15 relay team on the day.

And finally a huge thanks to our dedicated officials on the day – Hilary Jones, Tracy Heron, Chris West, Clare Mammen, Travis Hansen and last but not least Richard Emment who was track judge for the whole day in the heat.
Thank you too to all the parents who made the whole day really enjoyable.

Full results will be on the Power of 10 website shortly.

Once again well done all and thank you. Looking forward to the next Lily B on June 2nd

Sally Stock

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