Athletics Weekly Readers’ Choice Awards

Congratulations to Virginia Mitchell and Susie McLoughlin who were 1st and 3rd respectively in the Athletics Weekly Readers’ Choice “Female Masters Athlete of the Year” award!!

In the same issue, the annual national merit rankings were published, congratulations to the following athletes on their top 10 age group results:

Hayden Evans (U13 Boys 200m – 10th, U13 Boys 100m – 10th)
Jeslyn Agyei-Kyem (U15 Girls 300m – 1st, U15 Girls 100m – 10th)
George Sudderick (U15 Boys 300m – 2nd, U15 Boys 200m – 4th, U15 Boys 100m – 4th)
Cedelle Agyei-Kyem (U17 Girls 300m – 3rd)
Ben Marks (U17 Boys Steeplechase – 10th)
Philip Kastner (U17 Boys Octathlon – 3rd)
Sam Mace (U20 Men Hammer -4th)
Virginia Mitchell (W55 800m – 1st, Masters Women 400m – 10th)
Susie McLoughlin (Masters Women 400m – 2nd, Masters Women 200m – 1st, Masters Women 100m – 4th)
Lizzie Amos (Masters Women 400m – 6th, Masters Women 200m – 6th, Masters Women 100m – 9th)
Jo Flowers (Masters Women 400m – 7th)
Greg Conlon (Masters Men Pole Vault – 4th)

Congratulations also to Sophie Mace, who made the senior lists, with 14th in the Discus.