Complaints Process

Prior to lodging a formal complaint, we recommend that you first refer to the Club’s Concerns Procedure, here, to see whether your concern may be dealt with on a more informal basis.

This process applies to all members of Walton Athletic Club (WAC), of any category, as defined in the Club’s rules. This will include athletes, officials, helpers or any other person who is associated with WAC.

  1. Any complaint made by a member of WAC must be notified to a member of the General Committee within 21 days of the alleged incident occurring. This must be in writing and can be by e-mail or hard copy. Incidents outside of this time period will not be considered or investigated.
  2. The complaint should be examined by the General Committee to decide if any formal action needs to be taken. If not, the Committee may decide on the correct course of action. If formal action is required, the Committee should set up a Discipline Sub-Committee, consisting of three General Committee members who are not a part of the complaint.
  3. The Sub-Committee will contact all parties mentioned in the complaint to;
  4. ascertain their version of events in writing
  5. obtain details of any witnesses and ascertain their version of events in writing
  6. consider all the facts at the Sub-Committee’s disposal and
  7. reach a decision based on the evidence available.
  8. The decision should be reported to the General Committee for their information and should be communicated to the relevant parties in writing.
  9. The Sub-Committee should, as part of its report, recommend any form of sanction against any party it considers appropriate in the circumstances.
  10. The General Committee should oversee any formal disciplinary process. This will be in conjunction with any Code of Conduct or Disciplinary Code published by the governing body for athletics in the United Kingdom in force from time to time.
  11. An appeal against finding by the party deemed responsible for the incident is allowed and should be made to the General Committee in writing within 14 days of notification of the initial result. The General Committee will revisit the circumstances, take submissions in writing from the responsible party, and consider whether any amendment to the original decision is required
  12. The General Committee will notify all parties of their decision in writing as soon as practicable.