There are currently three main subsections within the club, divided largely by age and competition requirements. Contact one of our coaches via the profiles linked below, or contact the membership secretary. Club training takes place on Tuesday and Thursday evening, and Saturday and Sunday mornings at Waterside Drive.

Walton Juniors
Walton Juniors provide quality athletics coaching for young athletes (school years 3 to 8). Further information can found on the Walton Juniors website here.

Junior Competition group
The Junior Competition group is for young athletes (school year 7 and up). The group trains on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Co-ordinated by Andrew Kennard, the club’s Coaching Co-ordinator, who should be the first point of contact for prospective athletes, the group is split into three sub-sections:

Foundation Group – Sprints, coached by Hilary Jones

Foundation Group – Middle Distance & New beginners, coached by Paul Fitzpatrick
Foundation Group – Middle Distance & New beginners, coached by Jemima Hobbs

Event Development Group – Sprints, Middle Distance, Hurdles and Jumps, coached by Andrew Kennard

Junior Throws group

The Junior Throws group is coached by Debbie Singleton and Sabrina Mace.

Senior groups are divided by distance – Sprints and middle to long distance group. Seniors train at 6:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There are also opportunities for throwing and jumps coaching sessions.

For all senior enquiries, contact Jack at or 01932 225 351.

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