Joining the Club

The club welcomes new members of all abilities and any age from school Year 4 upwards. Please contact us via the information on the contacts page.


All athletes (year 8 and above) interested in joining the club, please email  in the first instance.


The club is fully affiliated to the sport’s governing bodies at county, regional and national level and thus enjoys the benefits available. These include public liability insurance.

Membership and annual subscription.

Subscriptions are due from 1st January annually. You will receive an email reminder.

Any updated details should be emailed to

Note that we use online membership forms (via Google) for both new members and membership renewals.

London Marathon

The Club qualifies for a single guaranteed entry for the London Marathon. Note that the usual entry fee must still be paid by the athlete and that the event rules require participants to be aged at least 18 on the day of the race.

Members will usually only be considered for the place if they have been active members of the club during the preceding 12 months and have sought a place for the London marathon through the public ballot (or good for age entry) and been rejected. The place will usually be allocated by ballot among eligible members who apply but the club reserves the right to allocate the place according to its own discretion.

Individuals may wish to participate in the London Marathon for their own reasons but in relation to the club’s place the successful member will be expected to participate in the race in a competitive fashion (according to their own ability, and subject always to injury or illness) and to train accordingly.

Interested members should contact the club secretary by 31st December.