In the final match of the season the team managed to qualify for the Cup match for the first time in many years. The competition was particularly hard, but the girls as always did their best on the day.

With most events having no competitors the team predictably finished last on the day.

There was only one U13 winner and that was Megan in the high jump where she set  a new pb for the season. Megan also achieved pbs in long jump and 100m.

There was a good run and a pb for Lydia in the 800m. Lydia also set a new pb in long jump.

Sophie while not at her best still managed second place in the discus.

There were 2 U13 relay teams running for the first time and the B string were a creditable second.

Gemma, Nina,Josie and Lucy all found the competition tough ,but still scored some useful points for the team.

Rosie and Rebecca were only two U11s competing. Rosie ran a pb in the 75m in a good time.

The U15 girls were again down on numbers and had no first places. There were however, some good individual performances.
Alice was second in the 1500m with one of her fastest times of the season.

After coming back from a long lay off Camilla produced a series of good performances and was second in all her events.

Emma ran a pb in the 100m and was just below her pb in the javelin in a very close competition.

Carla was the only U17 competing and finished the season with two firsts and a second place.

A full set of results are on the Kingston and Polytechnic  web site 

Thanks to the girls who have competed this season and to all the parents who have taken them to the matches and helped out.

Guildford and Godalming             391.5

Herne Hill                                         347.5

Bracknell                                           289

Reigate Priory                                   221

AFD                                                     125

WALTON                                            108

Guildford and Godalming      27

Reigate                                      23

Bracknell                                   19.5

Herne Hill                                  18

WALTON                                    17 

AFD                                             17

Croydon                                      16

Kingston and Polytechnic       15.5

Sutton                                          14

Epsom and Ewell                     12

Hercules                                     12

Dorking                                        9


 Rosie Russell 12.6                
 Rebecca Shantry 14.3                
 Rosie Russell  25.3                
 Rosie Russell  2.23.8                
Lucy Weir  14.4  5a G3   Nina Giambrone 15.1  6b G4     
Gemma Clements 16.1 n/s               
 Megan Houska 15.8 n/s               
 Josie Farmer 15.9  n/s              
Gemma Clements  32.9   6a  
Sophie Mace
33.8 5b       
Josie Farmer  33.9  n/s              
 Lydia McNulty 2.53.1 5a               
70m hurdles                   
Lucy Weir  14.3 6a G4            
High Jump                   
Megan Houska 1.35  1a G2  Nina Giambrone 1.05 3b       
Long Jump                   
Lucy weir  3.86m   5a G4   Lydia McNulty 3.48  3b       
Megan Houska 3.68m n/s G4            
Sophie Mace 15.39m  2a G4            
Josie Farmer 5.97m  5a G4 Sophie Mace  5.96m 4b  G4    
Gemma Clements 5.81m  n/s G4            
Javelin  n/c                
 Lucy,Megan,Nina, 60.2 5a    Josie,Lydia,Rosie,   63.9 2b       
Gemma       Sophie           
Emma Francis  14.3  6a               
Camilla Papa  28.3 2a  G4            
800m n/c                 
Alice Wills  5.02.4  2a  G2             
75m hurdles                  
Camilla Papa 12.9  2a G3             
Long Jump                   
Camilla Papa 4.52  2a G3             
Shot n/c                
Discus  n/c                 
Hammer  n/c                
Emma Francis  17.78m  6a G4             
 Emma, Lucy, Gemma 58.3 5a               
Carla Letheby                  
Hammer 32.8m 1a G2             
Discus 33.45m 1a G1            
Javelin 33.82m 2a G2            
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