Lily B League at Guildford 17th May

Well done to all of those who competed at Guildford Sunday 17th May.  Due to forthcoming Surrey Championship we only had a small team competing and still managed to come 5th!

There were some fantastic performances none the less.  Performance of the day has to go to Caitlin Paul who listened to her coach/concentrated on her 3 strides and took 2 seconds off her 70mH and athlete of the match Emma Horsey – who was most upset with her 200m not realising that she’d just managed 3 PBS in her events – you can’t ask for anything more.

Special thanks to Angela Horsey and Rose Cunliffe for team managing on the day – you both did a fantastic job and Jack and Debbie for covering our officiating duties.



Sian Popham (Yr 4)          75m 12.5, 150m 25.5

Poppy Huxtable (Yr 4)     75m 12.5, 150m 25.8, LJ 2.93

Lauren Forrest                  75m 12.0 (PB), 600m 2.15.5

Tea McBean                      75m 12.2 (PB),  600m 2.20.4 (PB) LJ 2.88

Rebecca Cottrill                75m 14.2 (Equal PB), LJ 2.0m, 600m 2.29.2

Charlotte Maxwell           75m 12.3, 150m 24.7

Jasmine Findlay                600m 2.08.7, LJ 2.04m


Emma Horsey                    70MHurdles 13.4 (PB, Surrey Ranking, Grade 4) 2A

                                            100m 14.4 (PB, Surrey Ranking, Grade 4) 2B

                                            200m 29.3 (PB, Surrey Ranking, Grade 3) 4A


Jasmine de la Touche      100m 14.4 (Surrey Ranking, Grade 4) 5A

                                            Long Jump 3.78 (Surrey Ranking) 3A

                                            Javelin 20.67 (Surrey Ranking) 1A

Caitlin Paul                        70M Hurdles 13.1 (PB, Surrey Ranking, Grade 4) 1B

                                            100m 15.0 (Surrey Ranking), Long Jump 3.16m (non scoring)

Maya Lurie                        100m 15.5 (PB), LJ 3.23m (non scoring)

Sophie Cunliffe                 100m 15.2, Long Jump 3.02 (non scoring)

Imogen Burton                 800m 2.39.6 (Surrey Ranking/Grade 4) 3A

Zoe Grimes                        1500m 5.47.5 (Surrey Ranking) 4A

Georgina Russell              Shot Putt 5.58m 3A, 100m 14.9 (Surrey Ranking), Long Jump 3.14m (PB) (ns)

Alex Beauchamp              100m 14.8 (Surrey Ranking), 200m 29.6 (Surrey Ranking/Grade 4) 3B

Hannah Cooper                200m 29.8 (Surrey Ranking, Grade 4), Long Jump 3.35m

U15 Girls

Nicole Cowley                   100m 13.6 (PB, Surrey Ranking) 4A, Long Jump 4.30m (PB, Surrey Ranking) 2A

Tait Jones                           PV 2.40m (PB, CLUB RECORD) 1A

U17 Girls

Ellie Hopkins                      80mH 15.5 4A, 300mH 59.3 (Surrey Ranking) 4A, Long Jump 4.35m 1A

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