Southern Women’s League 28th July at Perivale

The ladies team continued their recent improvement with a second place at Perivale and a points total which lifted them out of the bottom five for the first time this season. A good performance at Abingdon in the final match on 1st September could see the team avoid the relegation from division 1 which looked certain two matches ago.

A small team of six juniors did remarkably well to cover all but one of the events and produced some excellent performances.
Charlotte Toms did the three A string throws and picked up a 2nd place and two 3rds. Kim Dawkins and Lauren Highton both finished 2nd in their 800m race. Kate Lee and Abbie Wroth hurdled well and Abbie won the B 200m race. Shannon Kay gained two B string 2nd places in the high jump and discus.

Rosie Marino had a winning double in the under 17 hurdles events, comfortably in front in the 300m hurdles and the sprint hurdles, Ellen Sellwood was 2nd in the B sprint hurdles.

For the seniors there were double wins for Helen Channon and Kaylee Price in the A & B 100m and long jump. Tina Howell and Jo Regan picked up a 2nd and a 1st in the triple jump  Jo also managed 2nd places in the B string sprint hurdles and hammer, with Tina scoring good points in the javelin and discus. Debbie Singleton was 2nd in the discus and threw her best hammer for a few years.
Under 17’s Chelsey Lavall and Rosie Marino high jumped well. The distance events were good for Walton with Nat Warren and Claire Pearce gaining two 2nd places in the 3k, Jo Locker 4th  and 3rd in the 800 and 1500, Claire 2nd in the B 1500 and Nicola Aylett 3rd in the B 800m. Nicloa and Hannah Gray ran the 400. The seniors rounded the day off well with a seasons best time and a 2nd place in the 4 x 400m relay.

Match Result
 1  Horsham Blue Star  204
 2  WALTON  168
 3  Thames Valley Harriers  147
 4  Havant  123
 5  City of Plymouth  107

 Under 15            
 100m  Shannon Kay u13  15.1  A5 Kate Lee   15.6  B3
 200m  Kim Dawkins  28.2  A5  Abbie Wroth  28.5  B1
 800m  Kim Dawkins  2.40.1  A2  Lauren Highton  2.47.0  B2
 75m Hurdles  Kate Lee  15.1  A4  Abbie Wroth  14.8  B3
 High Jump  Abbie Wroth  1.35  A4  Shannon Kay u13  1.25  B2
 Long Jump  Lauren Highton  3.96  A5  Kate Lee  3.71  B4
 Shot  Charlotte Toms  7.03  A3  Lauren Highton  5.48  B2
 Discus  Charlotte Toms  13.88  A3  Shannon Kay u13  12.62  B2
 Javelin  Charlotte Toms  18.88  A2  Kim Dawkins  9.31  B3
 4 x 100m Relay    56.9  4      
 Under 17            
 80m Hurdles  Rosie Marino  13.0  A1  Ellen Sellwood  17.1  B2
 300m hurdles  Rosie Marino  46.7  A1      
 Senior Women            
 100m  Helen Channon  12.8  A1  Kaylee Price u20  13.2  B1
 200m  Helen Channon  25.5  A2  Ellen Sellwood u17  28.8  B4
 400m  Hannah Gray  71.4  A5  Nicola Aylett u17  69.3  B4
 800m  Jo Locker  2.26.9  A4  Nicola Aylett u17  2.41.6  B3
 1500m  Jo Locker  5.12.7  A3  Claire Pearce  6.10.5  B2
 3000m  Nathalie Warren  11.13.7  A2  Claire Pearce  13.04.2  B2
 `100m Hurdles  Kaylee Price u20  16.8  A3  Jo Regan w35  18.7  B2
 400m hurdles            
 High Jump  Chelsey Lavall u17  1.45  A4  Rosie Marino u17  1.40  B3
 Long Jump  Helen Channon  5.40  A1  Kaylee Price u20  4.89  B1
Triple Jump  Tina Howell  10.02  A2  Jo Regan w35  9.64  B1
 Pole Vault  Cancelled          
 Shot  Helen Channon  7.50  A4  Debbie Singleton w45  7.47  B2
 Discus  Debbie Singleton w45  26.78  A2  Tina Howell  20.86  B2
 Jevelin  Tina Howell  24.87  A4  Chelsey Lavall u17  15.96  B4
 Hammer  Debbie Singleton w45  28.68  A4  Jo Regan w35  22.35  B2
 4 x 100m Relay  DSQ          
 4 x 400m Relay  Locker, Price,
 Marino, Channon
 4.19.6  2      

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